SF Studios to produce new animated feature film Pelle No-Tail

During 2018 SF Studios will start the production of Pelle No-Tail, an animated feature film adventure for children and families. The film about the good-hearted cat is planned for a Christmas 2019 theatrical release.  

The popular stories of the kind and good-hearted kitten Pelle No-Tail (known as Pelle Svanslös in Sweden) by Gösta Knutsson have been read and appreciated by generations since they were first published in 1939 and are still very popular in the Nordic countries. 

In the new animated film, Pelle No-Tail is living a wonderful and safe life in the country side together with his sweetheart cat Birgitta. A rough storm brings him all alone to the big city of Uppsala and he finds himself in a very strange and demanding world. He soon makes new friends but also faces some very difficult challenges. Is it enough to be kind? Does he have the courage to face the challenges in the big city? Will he ever see his sweetheart Birgitta again?

“Pelle No-Tail is a timeless character and the stories about him and the other cat characters are penetrated by an idealism of kindness, civil courage and the equality of everyone. Through Pelle and all the other cats in the story we have an endless opportunity to ask questions that are eager and accessible to children even in our time ", says one of the producers Jon Nohrstedt.

"We want to make an amazing film full of color and music that via Pelle’s longing for love and beautiful attitude to life – to always dare being kind - takes us on a rollercoaster ride with fun and willful cats. It's a story with a theme that is universal regardless of country, nationality or age”, says the film's second producer Gila Bergqvist Ulfung.

The director Christian Ryltenius has a long experience of making animated films in Sweden as well as internationally. He has studied classic animation at Sheridan College in Canada and worked on several productions in Germany as well as in Asia. Previously he has also directed the two animated box-office hits Bamse and the City of Thieves (2014) and Bamse and the Witches Daughter (2016) for SF Studios.

Pelle No-Tail is scripted by Johan Bogaeus and produced by Jon Nohrstedt and Gila Bergqvist Ulfung. The film is a SF Studios production in co-production with SVT, Film i Väst, Bonnierförlagen, Sluggerfilm with support from the Swedish Film Institute and Nordic Film & TV Fund.

Distribution and international sales is handled by SF Studios. 

For more information, please

  • Jon Nohrstedt, Producer, SF Studios, +46 70 643 42 65
  • Kristina Linglöf, Head of Communications, SF Studios, +46 70 305 22 27

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